BBQ Steamboat with Soon to Be Housemates

Basically we planned for this BBQ steamboat for some time already. But due to many circumstances, we could not made it >< 
and finally we managed to fulfill it YooHoo! 
We went right after our lab session today :) 
changed cloths at nini's aunty's house before heading there :) 

Testing for the GoPro camera in Nini's car

Waiting to boil up..

Food feast begin :)

BBQ scallop in our own style

Group photo of the day using my bro's GoPro

and later my brother left an EPIC fb comment for me -.-//
because I took it before asking for his permission :3 woops~

our silly faces #selfie

Our spontaneous plan to Desa Park City after our meal, basically none of us know about the exact direction to there. Here goes 
This dog is super fluffy!! Just like a baby! His papa mama allowed the pedestrians like us to pat and pamper him :) he was so adorable and tame.. There was a lot of doggies at Desa Park City. All super cuteeeeee! :D

#wefie #mybigbiscuitface

Thanks to Mr.Beh iPhone 6 ;)

Our Beng Beng 🐸

After this then Nini sent me to Mid Valley KTM station luu~ I didn't want to stay in hostel and back home the next day. I homesick HAHAHA :P nola. I just got something else to do the next day :) 

Kimberley them went for second round at Picadilly oh :) 
very happening ah them. 

Very sticky and smelly oh my face after the BBQ steamboat session and Desa park city walk ><
Reached Seremban quite late at about 11pm++ Mom was not so happy because I came back late oh. Sorry ma for letting you worried liaoo. 

Happy Mid Semester break oh my dear future housemates. See you guys in class one week later yea! Love yaa! 


Hapii 21st Bday to My Beloved Tyane BFF


你终于也21岁啦!你成年啦!恭喜恭喜!对不起叻~恬!今年不能陪你一起庆祝生日:( 你要原谅我噢!还有点不太习惯叻!因为差不多每次都会和你庆祝的咯!不好意思叻!你要知道!我的灵魂、我的心都和你们在一起,我没重色轻友!绝对绝对没忘了你的生日噢!昨晚是要在12点打给你的哦~我们的group又没人理我:( 我emo~然后等下等下变山猪了(^OO^) 请原谅我噢~我还是很爱你的哦!还好还有其他宝贝们陪着你一起疯!
我说啊~时间还过得几快下咯!原来我们已经认识8年了叻❤️ 多亏ahma才让我认识你这个傻婆!找照片时,看回以前的照片,我们全部干了够力多傻事咯!你很坏了咯!每天骗我~还要骗到人家哭喔>< 可是不知为什么我还是一样那么喜欢你叻!做么的啊?:P 
muah muah muah!



A Freaking Hot Friday in June

It's Friday today but well I don't have the feeling of #TGIF :( because exam is still in progress neh! June is basically my birthday month and it suppose to be so exciting and happy month for me but erm it just doesn't happen to me. because it's my final exam month too! I had just survived for only one week and two more weeks to go. bless me please!

This weather is freaking hot today! Non-stop sweating like I'm having FOC sauna all the time. even if I on the aircond, I can't feel much of the coldness #wth I'm supposedly revising all day all night today but I'm just freaking 犯贱. wasting my time taking nap, eating, playing, watching tv show, surfing net, chatting and day dreaming instead of freaking doing my revision. please come and slap me hard in my face. I'm allowing you to do so and I will definitely not going to mad at you I promised. I know I should have plan and use my time wisely but I just keep finding a reason so that I can ignore my revision. I keep blaming that the weather is so freaking hot and it made me feel sleepy so ended up I keep taking nap while revising #wtf please again slap me hard in my face. 

Okay~ done vomited my confession! Please forgive me! I will plan and use my time wisely for the remaining days to swallow all my notes. so that I will be able to vomit out during the coming exam paper! jiayou! Fighting!

Hmmmm! Let's blog some happy stuffs hehe ☺️☺️ I spent most of my day at my beloved ahyi's house today! My breakfie, dessert, lunchie, tea time and of course dinner all taken at ahyi's house oh! I just can't resist whatever food cooked by ahyi. They are always so delicious! Ahyi has an awesome and amazing hand to cook such yummy food! I will definitely gain alottttt weights if I stay at ahyi's house for some period of time.

My breakfie! Ahyi's homemade burger with egg, cucumber and hot dog! Simple and yummy!

I brought along the pancake mix from home and made for ahyi them! So this consider dessert after my breakfie

Mee Hoon which dabao by cousin sister and her husband at the Pasar Besar Seremban this afternoon. It supposed to be my lunch but I was too full after eating the pancake as well as sharing the chicken rice with ahyi. So this became my tea time break with ahyi.

Dinner! :D simple homecook food by ahyi oh! The 腐皮 she made it with minced meat, prawn and 沙葛 by her own. The taste is just awesome! Non-stop nomming it. too yummy!!

Some photos taken with the little baby cousin niece today! She becomes naughtier and naughtier day by day but we still love we her so much! Can't resist of her cuteness la!

The moon is super big and round today! It's day 16th in lunar calendar. We chitchat, played around while enjoying the scenery of big round beautiful moon! on the street before I back home oh :) before I back and hehe of course not to forget #selfie with ahyi and baby!

Okay! Time to get my ass up for fully concentrate revision! Jiayou YX! good night for everyone! ❤️❤️ 

Rain oh rain! please come to us and save us from this freaking hot weather! 


Happy 24th Nini! Blessed Birthday!

Whee! Happy Happy Birthday to Our Ba Ni Ni!
You're 24th this year and Vicky said it's the age to get marry :3 hahaha!
But, you never look like 24th oh, you look just like us :D
We look just the same neh! #foreveryoung #hehe
Wishing you the best oh Nini~
All the best in our coming final exam! Good luck! Fighting fighting!
Stay shuai jing jing, lovely, 温柔, sha sha, sot sot, 38, healthy, happy and please grow fat oh!!
One more important thing to mention!
Take good care of your body and all the "STAGES" will get rid of you! Jiayou!
I love you, we love you and we love you love us too <3

Some food photos at the Haeunkhon Korean Restaurant Amcorp Mall! #yummy

That's us :D

#wefie & the 12 flavors Nadeje Mille Crepe 

Group Photo of Ba Gang :D 
but erm actually, left one out... 12 out of 13 members.
The betrayer Dylan Lim abandoned us and went for movie date with the guys -.-''

some photos I haven get from Bong Bong, so I just briefly make a short update oh!
perhaps i may update the full version one after final exam hehe :P
Happy Birthday ahh Nini~
Love You! 
Muah Muah Muah!!
Good night!


Finally a Date with My Long Lost Besties : Li Shien

We have not seen and talked to each other for one year and three months :( Today we are meeting up each other and it was like PHEWW finally!!!! I even bought her present last September trying to give her but failed to meet up so ended up I keep until today LOL LOL. She bought me Christmas present tooooo <3 awwwww!! It had been two years she's giving me XMAS present :)) How adorable is her? Heeeeee~ 

This morning we planned to meet up at KLCC lrt at 11am but there was a little tiny incident happened to baby Shien so she delayed the meet-up time. Hopefully everything goes well on her. Be safe darling! So I waited her at the waiting area while doing my knitting work :) After she reached and she toured me to Pavillion from KLCC using the bridge :) HOLA! It was quite exciting for me as it was the first time I'm walking the bridge and I never try to walk to Pavillion from KLCC in the old days >< We chitchatting along the way to Pavillion and laughed like mad even we didn't meet each other for a year plus :P something distracted our conversation while we were walking on the bridge O.O 

It was the music box song playing somewhere nearby the bridge or just right above the speaker of the bridge IDK larrrr :3 but it was really nice :) Really enjoyed listening to the music box song, I wished I could just stop by there and listen to the music box song haha :P 

After a long long way from KLCC, here finally reached Pavillion :) of course the first thing is buying the movie ticket :D since we both actually watched a lottttt moviessss, so we decided to pick a movie which we both haven watch yet. And the movie is Tales from the Dark Part 1. It is a Cantonese horror movie >< It is not that much creepy actually but quite funny and yet meaningful though :) I like the second story and also the third story. Ermmm the first story seriously I don't understand at all lorrr -.- Between, I did scare by the movie also lahh :P hahahaha. Luckily I brought along my jacket because it gives me feeling of security :)

After buying the movie tickets, we had our lunch at Ying Ker Restaurant :) It's a Chinese Hakka Cuisine :) Not bad lahh. The set lunch quite worthy since it includes snacks, drinks (milk tea, herbal tea, lemon tea) and the food, no wonder so crowded lahhhh.. This was the first time I eat at this restaurant and I kinda like the food and environment too. Give them 8 out of 10 for their set lunch la. Perhaps will try some other meals some day in the future :) The set lunch costed us about RM36, hmmm it's considered reasonable having a meal in mall like Pavillion lah of course..


Drinks (Barley VS Milk Tea)

Snacks *.* actually it's just a slice of jelly :)

Hakka Pan Mee Soup (Hand Made)

Bittergourd Chicken & Rice (The soup is specially extra from Li Shien :P)

In the restaurant :)

We went to Daiso after our meal because we had no idea where to stroll before the 3pm movie. We actually spent about one hour in Daiso and we didn't realize about it. Daiso is just too attracting because there are millions billions zillions of interesting, cute stuffs selling there and there are only selling at RM5 each. Even though we did not buy as much as the other tourists or some other else, we enjoyed the time searching for those interesting, cute, tiny stuffs in Daiso. It's a ideal place to spend time when you have no where to go :D 

We actually wanted to look for a dessert shop so that we can sit down and snapped some photosssssss. But, when we came out from Daiso, it was already 2.45pm OMGG. So we snapped photos in front of Tokyo Street and outside as well too :) We snapped too much photos like we are really the tourists huh?!! Hahahaha. We had lotssss of fun and even on the escalator we had fun on it too wooops :P 

 In front of Tokyo Street 

Awwwwww <3 my selca for the polaroid photo is just well-fit and nice. I love it! 

At the mini exhibition at Pavillion :)

Acting the reusable bottles robot :)

Face to Face >.<


Movie time :)

Hahaha! The first time I ever watched movie with Li Shien even though we had been studying for one year in Foundation of Mahsa LOL LOL. So let's make our first time a little bit special?! A posing photo outside the theater before we went it :D room 7 here we come :) Something really special happened, it was really special for me because I never experienced that in my whole lifetime lahhh. Half an hour after the movie started, the screen suddenly BLACK OUT and left only the audio effect -.- SERIOUSLY?!! It's a horror movie leh, the audio effect actually making us feel more creepy lorrr >< but ermmm I was not thinking of that when the screen black out lahh of course. I was like SERIOUSLY!!!?? I wana watch my freaking horror movie leh! Please fix it as soon as possible lah, I told Li Shien if not I will be definitely get mad!! I don't want to refund the ticket at all. I wanna watch movie!! Not just myself who was feeling inpatient there, so did the other audiences. They started to complain WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED OH?!! They turned on their phone LED light, trying to lighten up the dim and dark environment of the cinema. We all looked backward and upward automatically, wondering what was going on. So I think someone went out and tell the officer about this stupid error and they fixed it :D hoooorayy! So now, even the audio effect GONE. The theater was so quiet for few minutes and the screen RESUME :) back to where we missed out that part :) hahaha! It was really a special experience for me with Li Shien :) I will remember always..

We proceed to another mall after the movie which is Kenanga Wholesale City :P wooops I know AGAIN. I just went there like last Friday? Hahaha :P before we leaving Pavillion, we snapped some photos as like we are the real touristss <3 I always see others post the photos that they went Pavillion, so I told Li Shien I also wanted to snap those kind of photos and aha we got these :D hope you enjoy seeing we both :P 

Actually I spotted one long dress and another short dress at one of the shops outside Kenanga Wholesale City but unfortunately they only sell for wholesale :( minimum have to buy 6 pieces -.- Seriously!! I don't need 6 same style dress with different colours lor. So I gave up and we went into KWC mall to spot for other dresses. If we can buy the dress at the shop, probably we won't be wasting that much of time inside the mall til 7pm plus like that. Hmmmm I feel a guilty :( so let's talk about my dresses again, we finally ermm I myself I meant finally bought the dresses even though they are not long dresses but I still like it lah :) Really appreciate Li Shien for accompanying me all the way here from KLCC and Pavillion just to look for my freaking dress LOL LOL. We had our dinner there before we bought the dress. We ate at a stall right before they buka puasa :3 woops we really so sorry for enjoying our food happily there but as we know 1 Malaysia maaa, they will understand us as we feel hungry at this time tooo >< We ate the Crispy Kaya thingy IDK what's the name of it and also Roti Jala that I bought beside Hang Tuah LRT station :D yumyumyum!!!! While eating, again we snapped photossssss and had alottt of fun HAHAHAHA :P 

 The crispy thingy Li Shien is holding it :)

Roti Jala dip with the curry :)

We are insane!! <3

The little belated Xmas present from Li Shein <3

Thanks alot baby Shien :) Blanket will always keep me warm <3 Just like you!!

Things I bought :D again wasted $$ woops!!

Finally I'm done with the post of today :D promised myself not to blog overdue post again haha >< it's already 1am the next day OMGGG! and I'm gonna wake up early for breakfast tomorrow at SS2. God please let me wake up on time so that I will not get the punishment of drinking the stink fountain water of Mahsa :( hahaha! Last few sentences and I'm gonna roll off to my bed :D 

Even though not meeting her for past 15 months, she is still the same her :) exactly the one I miss always!! Now that I finally met her and looking forward for more meet-upssssss in the future too <3 and we have our TO-DO-LIST awwww <3 how romantic and adorable are us? hahahaha >< Meeting up with old school mates is really fun and it brings back lotssss of happy and memorable memories of the old times!! Hoping to meet the others which have not been seeing for couple of months! Love you Shien <3 Love all of you <3 Good night lovessss :D sleep tight and have a sweet lovely dream as you always did <3